Each Day Comes Bearing A Gift…Will You Choose To Untie The Ribbons?

I’ve always have been the “different” kid who would say that there favorite subject was English, and looked forward to getting to make up my own stories during school. Writing has always been kind of a hobby for me. A way to express myself. If you’ve wrote something before, then you know the awesome feeling of finishing a story that you’re proud to say you wrote it. Ahhh…I love that feeling…That sure is a nice feeling to feel ;)) Here is a story that I wrote for a final in my creative writing. I thought I’d share it with ya’ll because I’m pretty proud of it, and I love it too much not to! Let me know what ya’ll think about it in the comments and if ya’ll want me to write more stories, to share with you guys! Without further a do…Introducing….”Each Day Bears A Gift…Untie The Ribbons” by Shayla.

Each Day Bears a Gift…

Untie The Ribbons

         “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…I can do all things.” I thought to myself over and over as I struggled to get through the long days. With school stress, violin competitions, and family conflict, those few words were the only thing I had to keep me from falling apart at the time. All these “things” seemed to slowly suck the life out of me. The more I went on with my daily anxieties, the more I lost myself, leaving my happiness long gone. “Okay” became my go to answer for how my days were, because I felt that maybe if I acted as if it were okay…it would all be “okay”. That assumption soon crumpled, bringing something more.

        As my dad and I hopped in the truck for our weekly evening drive, I got in with my usual silent, tired face, expecting for it to be the same ride as always. On the scenic country drive we spotted a herd of cows grazing and tall grass blowing. Nothing that extraordinary to us, until we drove down a gravel road and came upon horses of every color. The cotton candy colored sun, set behind them as they munched their evening hay. I watched the horses’ movements in admiration while we gradually passed by the horse boarding and training center. “That place looks nice.” said my dad, interrupting the peaceful silence. “Ya, it’d be cool to check it out.” I whispered excitedly. The bubble gum pink and baby blue was practically hidden behind the starry night sky once we decided to start heading back home. As we drove away from the majestic animals, my dad said “Maybe we can come back out here Monday”, smiling at me. With the window down, the cool breeze smelled as cedar, gently brushed my face as I grinned. I glanced at the star-lit moon thinking to myself on how I couldn’t wait to go back.

        The remaining days till Monday seemed to drag on much longer than usual, but then again, I actually had something to look forward to. I kept busy with homework as my beloved friend. Finally Monday had arrived with me anxious as ever for the evening to come. For the evening would be the time I’d get to go visit my new 2,000 pound furry friends. Surprisingly, seven o’clock  came quicker than expected but I was ready to see what lay beneath the equestrian center’s entrance gates. As my dad and I came across the cattle guard, there were stables lined half a mile back, with horse filled pastures lying across from them. When my feet hit the ground, I smelt the sweet aroma of hay, grain, and well…manure all bundled up into one. Of course it wasn’t long for me to find a near by horse and with the lovely smell putting a smile on my face, the horses left a gigantic smile. Once we talked to the horse instructor, I began to fill with with excitement and a few butterflies. Not long after we chatted with her, it was time to head home. As we backed out of the parking spot, my dad said “Shelley and Roger offered to pay for you to take horseback riding lessons.” I immediately grinned, not knowing how to react. “Would you want to take your first one this Thursday?”, he asked. “Yes, that’d be great!” I replied. Right when we made it home, I started making a thank you card for the good friends, who were the reason I would be taking lessons. About an hour later, I had completed their card. It was a smaller card that held much sentimental meaning and had a hand drawn horse on the very front. When I gave it to them they were really grateful for it and so was I, but more grateful for having them in my life. 

It seemed as if it’d been a century once Thursday arrived. After school, all I could think about was how I couldn’t be late for my first lesson and all that it might be like. As my mom and I drove to the equestrian center, my chest started to get tight while my butterflies began to do flips. Before I rode, I got to groom and get to know the horse I’d soon fall in love with. He was a grayish-white Quarter horse with a super sweet heart. After I got Bailey all tacked up, I then jumped up on his back with excitement and a “I don’t totally know what I’m doing” face. As the lesson went on I had my really nervous moments but enjoyed myself while doing it, which is all that matters. Plus, I got a new buddy named Bailey!

Being put in front of a person I didn’t quite know and trying to be perfect at something I didn’t do often, was really anxiety provoking for me. I faced my fears of the unknown and just did it because if I hadn’t gone through with it and all my other lessons, I wouldn’t be at the level I’m at now. I wouldn’t have found out that horseback riding is something I absolutely love to do. Those Thursdays would have just been another painful day, but instead they became the day I couldn’t wait to hop on a horse and ride. I couldn’t wait to do something that actually made me happy. Now riding a horse comes more natural to me and I’m able to ride without an instructor.

With me taking that tiny step of faith, I then and now have something else to get me through my hard days. It is truly amazing on how all the times I didn’t give up, impact me now so greatly. Now I can say that I had a good day because one thing that gave me happiness has showed me that I have so much more to be grateful for. That even if it was a not so great day, it was still another day I got to live and that should be a good day in itself. There’s a quote that says, “Each day comes bearing its own gift. Untie the ribbons.” by Ruth Ann Schaback. Its saying that each and every day has its blessings and all we need to do is open our eyes to see and acknowledge them. Every day bears a gift from God that could last forever… well forever in our hearts.


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