Summer Salads = YUM!

Summer Salad

  Summer Salad Expectation

So here is a beautiful salad, right? One that you always imagine your salads to turn out like, when it’s simply just not always the truth. Definitely not always the truth with the busy lives people have.


What do you like the most in your salads? 

{In the salad pictured, I put, spinach, red & orange mini sweet peppers, carrots, cucumber, strawberries & blueberries}

Can I get a yum?!! UH YA YUUUMMMM! 

Salads in the summer are just the best, with all the vibrant, juicy, flavorful fruits and veggies that are in season! Veggies go great paired with lots of fruits, so why not add some to your salads to give them a more fun, yummy taste? Most people never think to add fruit to a salad and those people are truly missing out! If you’ve never eaten fruit in your salads, you should definitely start! Not only do they make the salads more vibrant, but they also help balance all the different tastes in a salad like the one pictured.

Summer Salad Reality

Summer Salad Reality

Now here is how our salads end up looking like.

A mess of greens that wouldn’t be considered Instagram worthy, but definitely considered worthy to devour ;))


I hope this first blog post of mine was worth the read! If you enjoyed it and want me to post more, then make sure to leave me a comment letting me know! ❤ Well, until my next blog post…Lots of hugs! xxxx




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