✬❊How I Spent My 4th Of July!❊✬

IMG_0890  Hardworking Daddy ❤IMG_0967IMG_0895IMG_0896IMG_0929IMG_0914IMG_0907IMG_0964IMG_0957


~Smile my love, for you can smile. Let your smile change the world, while everyone else lets the world change their smile.~

Sunshine lights up the world.

But yet we take it for granted practically every day. Think twice before you complain -How does the “thing” I’m complaining about help me?



It can be so much fun to take pictures of the magnificent world that the

Lord has blessed us with, and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to

be able to share my passions/pics/awkwardness with you all ❤IMG_0898IMG_0965IMG_0960IMG_0955


Don’t worry this isn’t all the pictures I took!

I’ve got more saved for future blog posts!


Which photo is your favorite out of them all? I think mine is the close up of the Skid Loader (AKA the Tractor). It just looks pretty professional if I do say so myself…


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