If I Die Tomorrow…

Here’s a little poem (I guess you could call it) that I made for a video on my YouTube channel called ShayCreativity…Enjoy 🙂

If I die tomorrow, I want people to know that I don’t want them to mourn over my death but to celebrate, because our lives are temporary and I have lived a great, blessed life compared to how it could’ve been. Death is usually a sad thing…but that’s okay. If I were to die tomorrow, it would be my time to leave this world…it would be God’s will for me. Before I die, I hope to have made someones day more than I count with my fingers and toes, and helped somebody feel loved.

If I were to die in the next twenty-four hours, would I live any differently? Of course I would! 🎶”I’d go skydiving…I’d go rocky mountain climbing…” But would I change how I act to people, how I look at everyday, and how I treat myself? I would. So why wait until I’m dying or struggling, when I can be the person I want to be right in this very moment? Personally, I’m sick and tired of wanting to be happy everyday and spend more time with God but ending up pushing it off or “failing”. I’m wanting to be closer with God, yet I’m distancing myself from Him with the things of this world and the worst part about it is that I know I am, yet I’m still doing it. Lately, I’ve been kind of a butt to not only myself but others as well and that hurts me because I’m confessing something that I’m ashamed of…my perfectionistic self is disappointed X1000. Though, having this realization about how I’m treating life is another “wake up” call, or you could call it a reminder from God that I either need to live my life 100% for and with Him, or live my life in a black pit for not just life, but eternity – THERE’S NO IN BETWEEN.

Life is temporary. Life is important. Life can be beautiful. Life can be lived. It can be loved. I can change that “can” to “is”. Life IS beautiful. My life IS being lived, not just experienced. Not only do I love life…I am divine love. Each day I am still alive, I shall ask myself, “what will I do in this moment that God would want me to do with my life…how can I be more like Him in everything that I do?” In order to live life to it’s full potential there’s only one simple answer. And that’s to give you and your life to Jesus Christ. Life will still have its struggles, but these struggles will make you a better child of God and help you to become closer with God. All the struggles of life become outweighed by blessings and TRUE living.

Now, let us ask ourselves, “if I were to die in the next twenty-four hours, how would I live life differently and how can I do these things every day from now on until I pass?”

Because, you don’t have to be dying to be living.

                                                                                                                                                          Love,                                                                                                                                                                           Shayla 💙

If I Die Tomorrow…


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