Hey, Hey, Heyyyy!

I’m Shayla and to be honest, I’m not all that familiar with Blogging. I’m more familiar with Vlogging and Youtubing! 😉 The amount of followers I have on any social media site doesn’t really matter to me (I mean, I do enjoy having awesome followers but the amount is just another # to me). What really matters to me is how I inspire the follower/visitors I do have/get. What’s the point of having Millions of followers, when about 80% of them could be jerks or not active? This Blog is a place where I hope can be a “safe” place for people off all ages, to come to have a laugh or two and feel validated. This is not a place that is made for people to come and judge. It is a place for encouragement, hope, joy, love, creativity, and most importantly, God to flow throughout every thing you see on here. That doesn’t mean there will be rainbows and butterflies 24/7, because there will be times when I might post a more serious post. All this means is that through every thing I put on this Blog, I will strive to share inspiration and be as honest as I can. Well, enough of me jibber jabbering! Let’s have some fun!! Who’s with me?! 💙😊


2 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, Heyyyy!

  1. *pours hot chocolate despite really hot temp*
    *dumps ice cream in and sprays whipped cream on*
    *makes another*
    *clinks glasses*
    To having fun in God’s eyes!!!


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